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Easy property management, rent collection and more.

Landlords & Agents

  • No minimum term or hidden fees
  • Get paid directly - we check money in against money due
  • All-in-one solution
  • + more (see  features  below)
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  • No setup, recurring or hidden fees
  • Pay rent via credit/debit card
  • Build your credit rating
  • + more (see  features  below)
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Everything is included

It's our mission to make renting better for everyone - and it starts with offering everything, unlimited for £15 per month.

Landlords & Agents
  • Market properties on Rentora included
  • Collect and track rent payments included
  • Request one-time payments for move-in costs, utilities, etc. included
  • Share property listings on social media included
  • Save and reuse property listings included
  • Accept online rental applications included
  • Manage an unlimited number of properties included
  • Send/receive instant messages included
  • Receive notifications via email and sms included
  • Upload, store and share inventories included
  • Upload, store and share important documents included
  • Upcoming event reminders (e.g expiring documents) included
  • Collect payments from an unlimited number of tenants/roommates included
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  • Pay rent online with a direct debit or a credit/debit card included
  • Set up recurring Smart payments included
  • Flexible rent payments included
  • Send/receive instant messages included
  • View important documents included
  • View inventories included
  • Split the bill with roommates included
  • Receive notifications via email and sms included
  • Receive reminders for upcoming events (i.e. rent, expiring documents) included
  • Build your credit history just by paying rent included
  • Apply to properties listed on Rentora included
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Simple, transparent pricing

No minimum term or hidden fees.

Property management

Rentora makes it easy to manage properties, find tenants, collect rent and more.

Unlimited properties

Manage properties; list your properties; review applications; perform inventories; share documents; generate, send and manage repairs with contractors; get paid and more - anywhere, on any device, 24/7.

per month

Online Payments

An online payment is a payment made online, with Rentora directly to you. This can be for rent, or a one-time fee (i.e. move-in fee, utilities, etc).

Credit and debit cards

A tenant can make a payment with their credit or debit card through Rentora, at any time. We allow you to accept all of the major card brands.

per online payment

Do you charge a higher fee for London?


How long do payouts take?

Once you’re set up, a payments from your tenant will usually land in your bank account the next business day.

How can you charge so little?

By design.

1. We invest a lot of time building features that are almost entirely automated - this keeps costs low by offloading the bulk of the work onto our systems rather than onto people.

2. We're online - which casts a large net. We'd rather make a little bit of money from a lot of people, than lots of money from a few.

What happens if my tenants pays with cash/other?

Record it on Rentora as an offline payment.

You don't have to accept payments online. We just think it's worth the convenience.