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better for tenants

Pay your rent online, build your credit history, find your perfect home, view inventories and more.

Flexible online payments

Make flexible online payments with your credit or debit card - at any time. Pay daily, weekly, monthly or a combination of all three. Whatever works for you.

All-in-one solution

Pay your rent online, improve your credit score, find a new home, view inventories and more - anywhere, on any device, 24/7.

Find your perfect home

Looking to move? Want to use Rentora? Landlords and agents who use Rentora list their properties with us.

Card payments

Pay rent your way - on your terms. We've brought paying rent into the 21st century

Online payments
Pay with a credit or debit card

Use your credit or debit card to pay your rent - it’s as easy as buying something off Amazon. All the major card brands are accepted.

Credit reporting
Build your credit history

We’ve partnered with Experian to make sure your rent payments are included in your credit history.

Flexible payments
Pay when it suits you

Want to pay your rent weekly? Daily? Want to pay £50 tonight while watching a bit of telly? With Rentora, you can make payments online any time - on any device.

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Stay organised

There's lots of boring stuff related to renting. Don't worry though, we'll handle it.

Leave with your deposit

Rentora's inventory tool securely stores photos in high quality - backed up with descriptions.

Less stress, more sleep

We maintain a calendar for you, where you can see upcoming rents, tenancy terms, expiring documents and a lot more.

You’ll receive reminders in a timely manner too - so you definitely won’t forget.

Never miss a thing

You’ll be kept in the loop with everything via email and text. Quite frankly, you’ll rarely need to visit your Rentora dashboard.

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Property listings

Find your perfect home. Landlords and agents who use Rentora list their properties with us

Online Applications
Direct applications

Apply online quickly and easily. Applications are sent directly to the landlord or agent of the property. No middle man, no fuss.

Apply together

Renting with a partner/friend/roommate? Add them as a co-applicant and they'll receive an invitation to fill out their portion of the application.

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Who are you?

We're a team dedicated to reducing your costs and workload.

How much does it cost?

For tenants - absolutely nothing.

For landlords/agents, see the pricing page for details and more FAQs specifically for pricing.

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