Pay rent online

Pay rent your way - on your terms. We've brought paying rent into the 21st century

Card payments

Use your credit or debit card to pay your rent - it’s as easy as buying something off Amazon. All the major card brands are accepted.

Flexible payments

Want to pay your rent weekly? Daily? Want to pay £50 tonight while watching a bit of telly? With Rentora, you can make payments online any time - on any device.

Smart payments

Smart payments are automatic, recurring payments that take into account your one-off contributions - so, you can make the occasional payment towards your rent with the knowledge the remaining balance will be settled on the due day.

Offline payments

Pay by other means too. Cash, cheque or other - just log it as an offline payment.


Your payments towards rent are a big deal. It's about time they were recognised and reflected on your credit report.

We’ve partnered with Experian to make sure your rent payments are included in your credit history.

Split the bill

Got a roommate? Easily split the bill with them, and keep track of who's paid what.

Park (for rent)

Rentora doesn’t restrict you to just making payments towards this months rent. You could make small payments towards December’s rent throughout the year and have a rent free Christmas.