Collect rent online

We issue reminders, collect payment and deposit it into your bank account. You don't have to do anything.

Direct payments included

When you collect rent through Rentora, the money goes straight to your bank account - no worries, no hassle.

Easiest way to get paid included

Once you set up a tenancy, we’ll help you invite your tenants to pay. They can set up recurring rent payments, so you’ll both rest easy knowing the rent will be on time.

More than just rent included

Create one off fees for things like late payments, replacement keys, utilities, etc. Your tenants can pay for them just like they do rent.

Happy tenants pay on time included

Some people get paid weekly, some are self employed and others pick up whatever jobs they can to pay the bills. Give your tenants the flexibility to budget and pay their rent on a schedule that suits them.

We keep track of the payments. You don't have to do anything.

Experian included

We’ve partnered with Experian to make sure your tenants rental payments are included in their credit history.

Offline payments included

We don’t get in the way of you getting paid. If your tenant wants to pay cash this month - take it and log it as an offline payment. Keep your records up to date.