Stay organised

It's time to ditch the shoebox and delete the thousands of pictures of skirting boards off your phone. We’ve got you covered.

Snap, upload and share your inventories

Your iCloud storage plan fills up fast when your Camera Roll is filled with pictures of skirting boards and empty rooms - doesn’t it? Stick them on Rentora. Save the space on your phone for pictures of kids and/or pets.

Your files are safe with us

You don’t need to keep stuffing paperwork in that shoebox - not when you’ve got a phone. Snap a picture of that right to rent document, upload it to Rentora and be done with it. It’s safe with us.

We've saved the date

When do you remember that the gas certificate for one of your properties has expired? 5 minutes after you climb in bed - same as everyone else. Unless you use Rentora.

We maintain a calendar for you (and your tenants), where you can see upcoming rents, tenancy terms, expiring documents and a lot more.


You’ll be kept in the loop with everything via email and text - as will your tenants. Quite frankly, you’ll rarely need to visit your Rentora dashboard.


Chat to applicants via our messaging service. There's no need to share your contact details until you're ready.