Find your perfect home

Landlords and agents who use Rentora list their properties with us.

Direct applications

Apply online quickly and easily. Applications are sent directly to the landlord or agent of the property. No middle man, no fuss.

Apply together

Renting with a partner/friend/roommate? Add them as a co-applicant and they'll receive an invitation to fill out their portion of the application.

A picture says a thousand words

Check every detail of your next home. We let landlords and agents upload as many photos as they like, and we show you them in all of their high resolution glory.

Get the info you need

In addition to the photos, most listings contain comprehensive descriptions, deposit amounts, availability dates, room counts, a list of amenities, location map and a video tour.

Get to know them

After a landlord/agent has reviewed your application, they’ll send you a message via our chat system. This gives you an opportunity to ask questions in the knowledge that the conversation is logged.