Coronavirus Fee Reduction

We believe that the financial flexibility and inherent social distancing that Rentora provides are a small, but significant contribution to helping our customers through these challenging times.

Starting today, we’re reducing our transaction fees to 2% (at cost).

How can using Rentora help?

Tenants can pay by credit/debit card

Using their credit or debit card, tenants can pay their rent online - it’s as easy as buying something off Amazon. All the major card brands are accepted.

This also allows for greater financial flexibility and budgeting options, as tenants can make small contributions to their rent throughout the month.

Landlords can offer rent extensions
Offering a rent extension via Rentora

Landlords can offer rent extensions to tenants who are really struggling. Rentora keeps track of all rents and payments, so you’ll not have to worry about staying on top of the books.

Inherent social distancing

Avoid unnecessary person-to-person contact. In addition to rent collection, Rentora has a whole suite of online tools and services. Messaging, inventories, document sharing and more.

Stay inside. Stay safe.

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It’s free to create a Rentora account - with no setup, recurring or hidden fees.

We only charge for processing online payments (see pricing for more information), and will reiterate that we have reduced our pricing and will be operating at cost (no profit) during this difficult time.

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